Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Monstro's Storybook

This undated 1950s shot taken from the Skyway shows Pinocchio's Monstro, the famous whale that serves as the entryway to Disneyland's famed Storybook Land attraction.

Zooming in, you can see the gigantic Storybook Land Map that advertised the attraction when it first opened.

Another aerial shot with a similar view:

Here's a closeup of that great big beautiful Storybook; wonder what happened to it?

Back to Monstro…thanks to some funky lighting and vintage image fading, he looks like he needs a trip to the dentist.

From January 1959, Monstro's profile:

"To be, or not to be…that is the question."

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K. Martinez said...

I like how the Storybook Land Map illustrates the thematic idea of the "Canal Boats of the World" with the fairytale tableaus subtitled: England, Germany, France, Italy, Holland and U.S.A.

So glad that Storybook Land is still with us today. Thanks, Dave!

Major Pepperidge said...

I wonder if that dad is telling the kids to be careful so that they don't fall in? That first shot reminds me of the photo I posted yesterday, though yours is nicer!

Dave DeCaro said...

Hey Major - What a coincidence! I hadn't even checked your blog. I have a feeling there are lots of those shots floating around out there. Hope you are well!