Monday, October 12, 2015

1950s Disneyland Skyway

Today you can go from one end of the Skyway to the other, beginning with this 1950s Tomorrowland Station shot. Although the attraction and station no longer exist, guests who were able to ride it still have many fond memories of the scenic overhead views that it provided.

Over in Fantasyland, the Swiss Chalet structure still stands, although its fate of demolition is most likely going to occur soon.

A closeup of another satisfied guest in this July 1959 image, attempting to snap a photograph of her own:

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K. Martinez said...

I love all the steel framework and exposed mechanics of the Tomorrowland Skyway terminal. Machinery at work.

My absolute favorite attraction from Disneyland's past. Wonderful views above Disneyland with the ultimate Disneyland experience; gliding through the center of the Matterhorn with its bobsleds full of riders racing down the icy slopes of the mountain. Only at Disneyland! Thanks, Dave.

Rob Skyway said...

Such a beautyful Von Roll VR101. Was defantly a workhorse.

beachgal said...

Was a nice relax moment in a hectic day -- and the old round ones to boot - the ones I remember -- One of the few rides I liked to go on when admittedly, I needed to get off my feet for a time. It was a cool air-rush into your gondola - instant air-conditioning on a hot day.