Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Christmas in November

I typically don't want to hear anything about Christmas until after the turkey has been consumed, yet it is difficult to avoid it when all of retail is shoving it down your throat. Last week during a photo shoot, I heard a homeless man singing Christmas Carols. So…I give up. Today's image shows the Christmas Bowl which was originally held at the Bandstand in Magnolia Park, which was approximately located where Indiana Jones Adventure stands today. The slide is marked "55," but to my knowledge the bandstand wasn't moved to Adventureland until Summer of 56. Yet another mystery that someone more knowledgeable than me can answer. The writing also states "Presidential Choir."

Two more previously posted Christmas Bowl shots which appear to be from the same year since the garland is an identical match:

More Magnolia Park at my main website and see more photos of the Monorail at Disneyland.


K. Martinez said...

The first image is a beauty. Postcard worthy even! As for thinking about Christmas too early, I have no problem with it. I start planning my elaborate trains and village display right after Halloween. It usually takes a me a few weeks to set up so I have Christmas on the brain all during the months of November and December and I love it! And on top of that I still have a wonderful Thanksgiving feast too!

Wonderful set today, Dave. Get's me into the holiday mood. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Quite a find Dave. And that gazebo now resides at Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach.