Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You Are There: Disneyland December 1961, Pt. 2

That Horse-Drawn Streetcar is going the wrong way; we’re heading towards Central Plaza, not Town Square! That driver looks half asleep. You can tell it’s the Christmas Season by the huge star atop the Matterhon:

What a great image; attraction posters, futuristic lights, AND the Monsanto House of the Future:

The Moonliner calls to us like the song of the siren to enter Tomorrowland:

Lots to see here: the Matterhorn & Christmas Star, Skyway (with my fave round buckets!), The Tomorrowland Central Ticket Booth, and an empty Monorail Track:

ATTENTION TO DETAIL DEPT.: Here are some recent shots of the new Frontierland bridge, which was recently rehabbed and then redone AGAIN because the shoreline didn’t look rustic enough. It’s stuff like that that keeps me coming back!

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Major Pepperidge said...

Those 1962 Tomorrowland shots are exceptionally nice! Love the lighting in that Moonliner photo.

Thufer said...

I enjoyed the rather 'different' angle to the house of tomorrow shot. As a poster fan.. score.. Peter Pan and the skyway!

The top picture.. streetcar headed towards town square; what an outstanding 'glow' to the atmosphere of the street. The girl in mid stride. Just a good shot.

Frontierland bridge; yes, it is so good to see even the smallest amount of attention being given to any corner of the park. There is hope in my heart that the 'suits' are starting to get it. This recent revisal of attention to detail and listening to the folks who buy tickets and walk the tunnel with a sense of anticipation, well, may be Walt is above the firehouse once again looking down with pride.
At this time in our nations history, with the problems facing almost everyone; with the slipping of the dollar and all that goes with that; with the passing of time....Disneyland (the real 'Walt' Disneyland) is so needed. This scared acreage is a treasure. Yes, it may be a treasure to the world, but first and foremost,it WAS and STILL should be a treasure to the United States of America. "To all who come to this Happy place, Welcome!"

Katella Gate said...

I give an "A" on the new Frontier river banks off the hub. Looks good now, will look better when the vegetation grows in. I hope the re-do for Rivers of America going on now includes this treatment as well.

Daveland said...

AMEN Thufer; well stated! I believe it all started with the 50th and has continued to snowball as "the suits" realize that Disneyland is a National Treasure.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Beautiful post Dave, Major is right "Exceptionally Nice" they make you feel good just looking at them! THANKS!

I was so relived when I saw they re-fixed the shoreline around the Frontierland entrance. It looked awful after the recent refurb, good to know someone caught it and corrected it.

"Disneyland is a National Treasure." I never gave that much thought but it sure is huh?

Matterhorn1959 said...

I really like the Matterhorn with star photographs. You would think that Disneyland could replicate that for Christmas using some high tech LED lights. Just think how that would look...and they could do the same thing with the Tower of Terror.

Chiana_Chat said...

Dave & Thurfer I agree and compliment the people at Disney. As your pics show that's another thing they improved.

As much of a trivia nut as I am, is that water connected to the ROA and therefore is temporarily blocked off to hold the water there?

That Tomorrowland pic feels classic and I also really like that Matterhorn pic with the wreath on the light post. Swell pics as usual! :)

Chiana_Chat said...

PS Dave you and the Maj post so many wonderful pics, I hope you don't feel "pressured." I'm digging all of it, but be assured I would still happily haunt your blogs all the same if you had to not have as much per post, especially Dave here - for instance this could have been 2 posts, one for the vintage and one for the attention to detail dept. pics, and that would be great by me. Again no complaints I love it, it's just I feel so spoiled and we don't wanna wear you out! :)

Daveland said...

Chiana - I wish I knew about how the waterways are connected; that's something that Patrick over at http://matterhorn1959.blogspot.com/ probably knows.

TokyoMagic! said...

Dig those checkerboard britches in that first pic! Maybe they're "hostess pants" like Lucy bought for Ethel.