Tuesday, March 02, 2010

You Are There: September 1959, pt. 1

Time to hop aboard the magical Disneyland Hotel Tram and take a trip back in time to September 1959. You won’t see dad in any of these photos; he's busy snapping away these colorful Technicolor slides for your enjoyment in 2010. Can you believe that peeling paint? That would surely stir up some controversy over on the MiceAge chat boards...and under Walt's watch, too!

Look at those frowns! We shouldn't judge though; how happy would you be if you were steps away from entering the Happiest Place on Earth and you had to stop to pose for some lousy pictures?

Check out those virgin ticket books in the little tykes' hands...if only I could grab a few of those.

The family finally made it through the turnstiles, but dad isn’t ready to let his boys have any fun yet...just one more picture, kids! They can't wait to feel like cattle by riding the cattle cars of the Disneyland Railroad.

How about another virgin ticket-book closeup?

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stu29573 said...

I guess they hadn't gotten the hang of priming metal down yet!

I half hope Dad backed off the pics and let the kids have fun, but the other half hopes that he snapped one every ten seconds so that we can see everything they did!

Dave Meek said...

Great pics! But, along with the pealing paint on the tram, notice the cracks, rust and water stains on the concrete Mickey planter. The run-off from the planter drained right out into the entrance plaza back then. Proof that not everything was better in the good old days.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Nice post - I spotted the ticket books right away! I'll take both the kids books BEFORE they go thru the main gate, gotta have the admission ticket too!

The planter and its water stains show up frequently in these vintage photos, that part of the park is much better now...

I am so digging that little kids red & grey "V" shirt, wow!

Thanks DAVE!

Major Pepperidge said...

Jeez, that peeling paint IS pretty bad... Walt spent lots of time in the park looking for ways to improve things, but I doubt he ever rode the trams!

Daveland said...

It's easy to think the past is better when we look at it through rose-colored glasses...but usually, the grass is rarely greener than where we are today. Tim - wait until you see the hats that the boys pick up later in the day!