Saturday, February 06, 2010

Scholarly Saturdays: Encyclopaedia Britannica & Frontierland, Pt. 3

Last Saturday, I gave you a plethora of Twain shots; today, we begin with a few that show what Bobby & Susie saw on their trip around the Rivers of America. First image is the original Fort Wilderness, before it became re-fangled as a Home Depot "special."

There seem to be fewer Indian figures at the Indian Settlement during these early years at the park:

Rare shots of the short-lived Stagecoach & Conestoga Wagons in action. It’s probably hard for the youth of today to imagine, but back in the 1950’s, thoughts of exploring "the old West" were a dream come true...sort of the equivalent of the excitement kids today have about sitting on their asses and playing video games.

Now we’ll add a little speed to the mix by boarding the Mine Train—what a journey this will be!

I hope Susie is hiding her little red purse while they journey through "the badlands"!

And we’ll end today with another shot of the Coach & Wagon. Wow! I’m exhausted!

See more Frontierland photos at my website.


William Bezek said...

I wonder what became of all that barren land? Thunder Mountain doesn't take up that much room.

Major Pepperidge said...

"Home Depot special" is very apt... it just looks so artificial now. Is it fiberglass? Cast /painted concrete?

Katella Gate said...

Hey, Where's Dick and Jane, and why aren't they buying something at the souvenir stand?

Davelandweb said...

William - There's the whole Celebration & BBQ area as well as the backstage for that section...that takes up a fair amount. Still, I believe there are some small unused parcels...which might be part of the soon-to-be-developed for E-Ticket attractions section that "the shirts" have been exploring recently. Major - I believe some of the new Fort is still wood - it just doesn't have that roughly-hewn timber look of the original. Katella - the little darlings will be back soon - be patient!