Thursday, February 04, 2010

Trip Report for 2/1/2010, pt. 2

When last you saw Janet and her family, we were just bidding Little Leota farewell. With Splash Mountain right nearby, Ryan wanted to ride that attraction next. Janet and the rest decided to wait this one out (however she did support our drop down the waterfall with a very enthusiastic wave!).

Fortunately, the camera stayed dry!

On the way to Pirates, I snapped a few shots of the drained Rivers of America; pretty freaky to see it empty with cars and trucks driving around in it!

The whole family was very excited to be able to walk right onto Pirates without any wait. I also believe that for the next trip to Disneyland, Janet will have to take the kids to Blue Bayou for lunch! The trip into the world that Marc Davis helped create was awesome as always. I tried to get a few detail shots and improve some past photos that I have snapped many times before.

No trip would be complete without a few of my favorite gal at the park:

Definitely wouldn’t want to cross this guy!

The (formerly) gluttonous pirate was still rambling on and on...only now it’s about Jack Sparrow.

And here’s Jack himself, showing off his treasure and still looking somewhat out of place in the room that appears to have been shoehorned into the end of the attraction:

We all went our separate ways after Pirates; I climbed the Tarzan Treehouse to get some better shots of the Rivers of America:

Anybody able to identify "the shirts" (they seem somewhat out of place in their freshly starched outfits, walking around the muddy riverbed!).

The Mark Twain sure could use a little scrubbin’!

While the rest of the gang was taking a bathroom break, Janet waited patiently below, all smiles as usual!

Ah, a remnant from the original Treehouse; how I miss the original Robinsons that used to live here.

Deciding to pass on a 45 minute wait for Indiana Jones, we took a leisurely Jungle Cruise. The tour guide knew his spiel and did a great job!

The natives were still restless:

The kids were chompin’ to go over to California Adventure by now, so we walked briskly down Main Street...until we hit the Magic Shop. Tyler had some money burning a hole in his pocket, so he watched a few more demonstrations by the pros at the Magic Shop before he decided on his purchase.

As you can see, Janet was not interested. All she could think about was her Almond Roca bars that she had recently gotten at the Main Street Candy Palace and how delicious they would be when she finally got a chance to eat them!

California Adventure was a whirlwind as I had a train to catch and Janet & her family had dinner plans. I snapped a shot of the "new and improved" attraction at DCA. Although the Silly Symphony Swings look fun, they are still an off-the-shelf uninspired carny ride.

Toy Story Midway Mania was probably the longest we waited for an attraction, but it was worth the wait, as we knew it would be!

Janet & I were in the same vehicle; as the scoreboard shows, she was close...but no cigar. Apparently she needs to work on her technique and get a few tips from her boys!

While Dale went to get the car, Janet & Tyler headed off for a frozen treat, and Ryan & I braved the Tower of Terror. I love the attraction and queue here, as there is plenty to snap!

While waiting for "our" elevator, Ryan & I had to suffer through the very drunken ramblings of another guest who was by himself but desperately wanted attention. Kudos to the cast members who tolerated his taunts of them. You can see this dork holding up his hardback book on the far right in the back. The smell of his stale cig and alcohol-laden breath was enough to make me sicker than the drops of the attraction!

And then it was a mad dash to the Anaheim Amtrak Station for my ride home. What a fantastic day! Hope you enjoyed this trip report which pre-empted my regularly scheduled Pirates of the Caribbean post! See more vintage & current Disneyland photos at my regular website.


Matt said...

Only 37 photos today Dave? Slacker ;) I'm lucky if I can get ONE every OTHER day.

Andrew said...

Thanks for the trip-report, Dave. It felt like I went to the park, too!

TokyoMagic! said...

Yeah...thanks, Dave! I always love trip reports! How on earth did you get that picture of your friend waving while you were going down the drop on Splash Mt?

Shoehorned is right!!! I like the first two Jack Sparrows, but that third one has NEVER looked right. And they should not have him singing the theme song....he sounds just dreadful.....nothing against Johnny Depp, however!!!

I simply cannot wait to go on the rethemed swings at DCA. It will be so much more fun to ride with the new paint job. I enjoy the Fun Wheel 100 times more now ever since it got it's new paint job. Does that sound too bitchy? I was aiming for sarcasm.

Thanks again, Dave....great photos as always!

TokyoMagic! said...

P.S. "Off-the-shelf uninspired carny ride", INDEED! What a waste of money! Okay, I'll stop now.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Wow Dave, I had to wait till the weekend so I could properly review your trip reports and it was worth the wait.

Did YOU stay dry on Splash Mt? Thanks for the America Sings shot - NICE!

Great Pirates shots, the "gluttonous pirate" looks marvelous, if only he were holding ladies underwear in his hand! How about a curtain (down) for the last scene with Jack S?

The river is so freaky looking with no water, but the tracks do mesmerize me... Wow, the paddle wheel is gone from the Mark Twain, she looks sad (and dirty)...

BRING BACK THE ROBINSONS! Come on, its their 50th anniversary!

Was the Magic Shop guy doing the "blank deck" trick? They have been out of the blank decks since December and I really want one!

"off-the-shelf uninspired carny ride.' That describes DCA perfectly.

Tower of Terror scares me, and your drunken man tale doesn't encourage me to try this attraction. Do you see many drunk folks at DCA?

Sometime tell us about the train ride, sound interesting.


Davelandweb said...

It hasn't been that long since the Twain was last rehabbed; amazing how dirty it can get in a short amount of time. Kind of gives you an idea of why the River needed to be drained! No blank deck that I saw, Tim...but plenty of other fun tricks! Rarely do I see drunks at Dland or DCA. And the train ride on Amtrak was pretty easy...plan to do more of that in my effort to be "green." The AAA discount makes it that much easier, too!