Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Early 1950’s Black & White, pt. 6: Nature’s Wonderland

A trio of shots today from the Nature’s Wonderland Attraction. First up is a unique view of the town of Rainbow Ridge. Anybody care for a haircut from "Doc" Sutter? Good to know that the Barber Shop is still in business today at Big Thunder Mountain:

Engine #3 is pulling into the loading area for shot #2:

In this shot of the Pack Mules, you can kinda’ make out a Conestoga Wagon on the left side in the background. Those little kids are having the time of their lives.

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Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Neat Barbershop comparison, very good to know its still the same... Now, is it in the same location?

Speaking of locations, in your awesome Pack Mule photo, what is that little house on hill, is that part of Rainbow Ridge? Nice B & W's today, thanks!

Major Pepperidge said...

Every time I see those little Mine Trains, I miss 'em.

Chiana_Chat said...

Nature's Wonderland, Pack Mules, both neat things I'd like to do there if only we could anymore.

Those Rainbow Ridge buildings are so cute. Big kudos to the Disneyland peeps for keepin' 'em.

Y'know I tried to book a room and a haircut there at the El Dorado Hotel, but they said it's for 5/8 and 3/8 scale people only. Still, must be a lucrative demographic for them to have stayed around all these years. :)


Vintage Tickets: That little building back then was known as BUILDING #210....."mine town dwelling" . It was one of the few saved for Thunder Ridge's now the structure between the Big Thunder Epitah and the Assay Office & Big Thunder Saloon. A sign out front today reads "Buckskins Our Specialty". If you compare images of these buildings as Rainbow Ridge....the names sometimes change to other APPLESEED'S GROCERY and MOTHER MURPHY'S BOARDING HOUSE as well as others....I suppose over the years the rehab diretor decided to play musical signs.

TokyoMagic! said...

And remember....the barbers back then often doubled as dentists. In the modern shot, you can see the tooth shaped sign hanging outside and in the vintage shot, there is something about teeth written on the barber shop window.

While I am very glad that a few of these buildings were saved and still exist today, I wish many more of them had been saved. In fact, why couldn't every single one of them been left standing exactly where they were with Big Thunder rising up behind them? I agree with the Major, anytime I see pics of the Mine Train attraction, it makes me miss it very much.