Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Wednesday WOW: Trip Report for 2/1/2010

Hard to believe it’s been a year since I last went to Disneyland with my friend Janet and her family. While Janet's hubby Dale was parking the car, she posed in front of the “C” with her two little towheads. More photo opportunities presented themselves while we waited for the rope-drop on Main Street, which forced the boys to explore parts of Main Street they’d never seen, such as the Fire Department. This is not surprising, as how many kids want to hang around in Town Square when Pirates, Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, and Nemo await in other lands?

Tyler is a budding magician, and enjoyed watching the magic tricks in the Magic Shop on Main Street:

By this time, Disneyland had stalled enough; the boys were ready for some attractions! First one was Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. Nobody in Janet’s family had ever seen this one, and I was curious to hear what they thought. Just the lobby display with the model of the Capitol (built back in the 1930’s) is fairly stirring in itself:

But enough with displays and talking, time for the real show. I was very pleased to see and hear that the entire family loved it. I know some are a little bored by the film before the animatronic Mr. Lincoln appears, but I feel it is just the right length and a very well-done presentation. The “Two Brothers” song annoyed me at first, but after repeated listenings, it has grown on me. There are a few cool little riffs in there that I really do like. As for Lincoln; I’ve plugged the new animatronic before and will do so again. To see him rise from the chair really takes your breath away. The facial movements and hand gestures will also cause your jaw to drop. It definitely calls out for repeated viewings.

Ryan and I took off for Space Mountain (front row, no less!) while Janet & Tyler enjoyed the more sedate Autopia.

Everyone reconvened for an underwater adventure with Nemo. For once, I actually left my camera off for the majority of the attraction. Although I enjoyed it more being able to concentrate on the ride itself, I still felt that it lacks the light-hearted fun and kitsch of the original that made it such a classic. Dale asked “Where are the mermaids?!?"

Everyone was hungry and the kids wanted burgers, so we made a pitstop at The Village Haus; I hadn’t been there for awhile, so it afforded an opportunity for some photos and a Turkey Club with apple slices (doing my best to eat well in the New Year!). Working for the Housing & Dining Division at a University, we constantly get "sustainability" drummed into our heads daily. So, everytime I see the apple slices appear on the tray in their plastic wrapper I cringe. Sure, the apples taste surprisingly good, but wouldn’t it be better "show" if they were cut fresh and served without all the wasteful packaging which is just a reminder to the guest that, "Hey, these aren't really all that fresh and they’ve been through a factory"? Just a thought. I do love the interior of the Village Haus; the murals, the layout with all of the nooks and crannies...I really should check it out more often.

Time for a quick sidetrip to DCA to visit a friend of mine who’s a castmember over there. Naturally, I took a Main Street Vehicle back to the entrance!

On the way I snapped the new (yikes!) stroller and wheelchair building. Maybe they could have a kiosk with pamphlets on Stroller & Wheelchair etiquette. I’d happily hand 'em out!

Over at Disney’s California Adventure, there were even more construction walls. Knowing that they meant the eventual arrival of the Red Car Trolleys, I didn’t mind. The simulated woodgrain and faux old Disney movie posters were a nice touch.

I’d never noticed this billboard before—thanks to the construction walls, my eyes were looking up instead of ahead!

Barely enough time to snap these photos and then I was back to Disneyland to meet Janet & Company at The Haunted Mansion. On the way I snapped the under-construction Frontierland entrance bridge.

I made it to the Mansion just in time—practically walked into the elevator. I could tell there would be no rest on this particular visit!

Madame Leota was "sitting" still on the tabletop, just as she should be:

The cemetery was abuzz with all kinds of activity:

I could just stare at Little Leota all day long! Well, maybe not ALL day, but at least for half an hour.

And that is enough of our tale for today! See more vintage & current Disneyland photos at my regular website.


Major Pepperidge said...

I think that the new Lincoln looks amazing, his face is about as lifelike as he's ever been (not counting the real Lincoln of course!). T

Betsy, La Vida said...

Yay! Sounds like it was a full day and fun!! The pix of Madame Leota are some of the best I've seen... You've got that down to a science! PS: I think it's hysterical how Ryan is looking over at your cracking up on Space Mtn!

Ladytink_534 said...

Oh it's the Redcar from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Neat!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Great trip report! The magic shop sure is filled with neat things now, the guy in your photo is pretty good too!

"Please no photography during the show" I knew that message wasn't for us! Super shots of Abe, Wow! 2 Brothers hasn't grown on my yet, but I dis-like it less..

Space Mt./front seat - is there any other way to ride it?

Hey those apple were 100% fresh cut back in January in a warehouse in Fresno! You'd think the mouse would make a larger profit if they sliced their own?

Stroller etiquette handbooks, I'll help pass those out.

The Froniterland bridge refurb looks like the waterway is being redone too - hey that doesn't look like a bridge anymore!

Nice to see Madame Leota is where she belongs.