Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tell-No-Tales Thursdays: Pistol Duel

There’s a lively pistol duel going on near the exit as you are about to leave the ride. These first two shots are from vintage publicity stills when the attraction first opened.

As it looks today; this scene has barely been changed at all, other than the loss of a few curls on his forehead. Even the pirate’s costume remains the same. Comforting, isn’t it? I love the Three Stooge-like nyuk-nyuks on the soundtrack in this area.

Without flash:

Over across the water are a few gents shooting back at the poor bloke on the cannon. Here’s the scene as it originally appeared when the ride first opened.

And as it looks now. Once again, not too many changes, other than a nice velvet jacket for the pirate on the left. He must have gotten chilled.

This part of the pistol duel always seemed a little odd to me; is there something going on between these two pirates? Looks like the paint needed a little touchup on the pirate’s nose when this photo was taken.

Here’s our pistol-packin’ pirate who now wears a beautiful gold velvet jacket.

Here’s a swashbuckling close-up of our pistol-packin’ pirate, as he aims at the visitors exiting the attraction.

Hope these things don’t go off! Never know what damage a stray bullet may cause!

See more Pirates of the Caribbean (both recent and vintage) photos at my website.


Major Pepperidge said...

I think we've seen the pistol packin' pirate's face on more than one other character in the ride!

I've said it before, but it is very cool to compare the vintage views to contemporary photos to see how much (or little) things have changed.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Ins't the "pistol packin' pirate" the same guy that used to hold the "lady in the barrel's" underwear?

With all the Depp additions (I'm still not warming up to those) it is Comforting to see this area has changed very little. Thanks Dave!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

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Dave Conifer

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AmyR said...

I like to know that sometimes, things don't change. Much.

I noticed the last a couple of times lately that the pirate with the red bandana has a bit of a neck problem...hopefully it's fixed by now.