Friday, November 20, 2009

Freaky Fridays @ The Haunted Mansion: Changing Portraits 1

The changing portrait hallway is a difficult one to capture good photos of both the before and after, due to the dim lighting. Here is the first portrait you encounter as you step off the elevator, known fondly as The Catwoman (not to be confused with Julie Newmar).

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Major Pepperidge said...

Favorite detail: The carved wooden decorations (just below the paintings) that resemble stylized skulls. I've never noticed those before.

Katella Gate said...

BTW, the subject of HM wall paper came up a while back. I think what you see here was the opening day paper used in the foyer, the hallway, and the ball room. It's black velvet flocking on gold foil.

I was shocked because we had something very similar in our own house at the time (It was the 70's, doncha know?)

Katella Gate said...

... And thanks for posting these super-swell up close and personals of the Cat Lady, who has "the grace of an odalisque on a divan."

Anybody know who did the "after" portrait? It doesn't seem to be Mark D's work.

TokyoMagic! said...

I was thinking Eartha Kitt, Dave!

Does anyone know why they changed the "after" from a black panther to a white tiger? I think this was done at the same time they took out the "April/December" portrait of the aging woman and replaced her with the Master Gracey portrait from WDW. Why do they mess with the classic and original stuff????

Katella Gate said...

Tokyo: I think the Black Leopard/White Tiger portrait was swapped because of lack of contrast.

Initially, the before/after pictures flickered in time with the lightning strikes, and I it was hard to see the change between a dark lady and a dark panther.

Then they went to slow cycling between the before/after pictures. Now I think they are back to the lighting flicker pictures, and I think that's when they went to the white tiger.

TokyoMagic! said...

Thanks K.G. Do you happen to know why they took away the "April/December" portrait and replaced it with Master Gracey from WDW? For me, that has been just as annoying as the new bride in the attic!

Dan Alexander said...

It seems like there's always something changing at the Mansions! Interesting that many of the paintings seem to have been redone--both in Florida and California and are "inspired by" the Marc Davis artwork but do not try to duplicate it exactly.

I love Florida's updated Mansion. I haven't seen Disneyland's since 1993 (I went last year in October and it was Haunted Mansion Holiday, which I also loved).

Dad.. said...

I LOVE That painting. I'm buying a disney pin of that particular poster soon.