Monday, November 02, 2009

July 1961 Batch, Pt. 2

Welcome back to July 1961! Hope you haven’t forgotten the previous post, but if you have, you can always scroll back to last week’s entry and get a refresher. Our first view for pt. 2 is of the mighty Matterhorn.

In shot 2, the lady on the left is not being very ladylike; pointing out that poor schlep with the dark socks and shorts. I guess even in 1961 there were ruthless fashion critics. Besides that, how about all that vintage Tomorrowland fun? The Moonliner, Hall of Chemistry, America the Beautiful, Clock of the World, and dig those attraction posters!!

These last two are my faves; the little boys “steering” The Columbia. Perfect way to end this batch:

Don’t be sad about the end of this batch; rest assured there will be more 1960’s to come in the future! See more Disneyland (both recent and vintage) photos at my website.


William Bezek said...

They sure knew how to party in 61...the Hall of Chemistry sounds like a real thriller.

Thufer said...

There be posters there....ty

Viewliner Ltd. said...

There is nothing like a great shot of the Tomorrowland entrance. Beauty!

Major Pepperidge said...

I agree with Viewliner, the "entrance to Tomorrowland" picture is great!

Chiana_Chat said...

Naw the lady is clearly giving her cameraman hubby a little hint about what she wants to do next - she's pointing to (and on film to 'I told you so' in case there's argument later) the Columbia attraction poster. And discerning man he is, that's just where we are next!

Is that David Bowie as a kid in the bottom pic? hehe