Monday, October 13, 2008

Disneyland, February 1971, pt. 3

Last call for February 1971! We finish out the series in Frontierland again. Plenty to see and do here! Let’s begin with a few shots of the Ceremonial Dance Circle of the Indian Village. Note the Keelboat and Canoe in the background of shot #1.

I have a number of shots like this, spanning the decades, and they always make me happy. I think it’s so cool to see little kids enjoying a cultural learning that doesn’t require a computer, ipod, or TV. Oh yeah, and dig the crazy ponchos!

The sun is setting over at the Indian Village, so we must bid a fond farewell and keep moving with our tour.

Anybody want a used piano? But seriously folks...anyone know about this player piano and whether it’s still around?

Ah, another lost waterfall...Cascade Peak. Can you hear the water rushing?

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Major Pepperidge said...

I'm with you, the photo with all of the kids joining in is the best! Look at all the souvenir hats, too.

That piano (although it looks like it was a lot more than just a piano) appears to be one that was in the Penny Arcade on Main Street back in the day. It's probably gone....

Katella Gate said...

The back of said organ can be seen here on "Gorillas":

walterworld said...

There is still a player piano in the Penny Arcade; I always stick some coins in to enjoy the music. Not sure if this is the same one of course. I'll look through my pics and see if I can find it...

Great post as always Dave---

Daveland said...

Walterworld - Not sure if this is what you were referring to:

Although there are some similarities, I do not believe it is the same player piano in the Frontierland photo.

Good eye (and memory) Katella!

rhinodad said...

Just a note to inform you that this is not a 'player piano' but an orchestrian. Multiple instruments combined into one to typically play music such as Sousa, Foster and the like.

Great site, keep, up the fantastic work!

"Why...'cause we like you!"