Friday, October 05, 2007

Storybook Land and more Aunt J

Here are two detailed December 1965 shots from Storybook Land, featuring Cinderella’s Castle and the village below. Dig the jaunty little beret in shot 2 of the guest in the boat.

Meanwhile, Daveland Blog fan Michael sent in 2 shots of the Aunt J pancake mix box, featuring a plug for Disneyland. “Party” Pancakes? Count me in! Sounds like the right way to start off the day. Thanks for sharing these, Michael!

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Major Pepperidge said...


How does a box of pancake mix surive for 40 years?

Mental Mick said...

As the proud owner, I couldn't tell you, but as far as I can tell--it doesn't hold up all that well--eatin' wise. The lumps of 50-year-old product jostle around when the box is shaken, so I'm not planning on cooking up some party pancakes (at least from this box) anytime soon! Michael