Thursday, October 25, 2007

1960’s Batch: Pt. 2

Just hanging out at the Tomorrowland Depot is this vintage group of guests. They are obviously not waiting for the train, as there is already one at the station. Not sure if this 2nd shot is even from Disneyland or the Hotel, but thought I’d include it as the architecture is so retro! Anyone able to identify it?

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Matterhorn1959 said...

The Tomorrowland station certainly has changed. I believe the lettering is stil the same. I think the motel is the Surf and Sand and not the Disneyland Hotel. It was probably located somewhere in Anaheim but may have also been in Huntington Beach or Seal Beach.

Anonymous said...

It actually seems that the Tomorrowland station has changed very little over the years - all things considered.

Major Pepperidge said...

You can see the words "Surf and Sand" in the second photo. That picture of Tomorrowland station is wonderful, you see VERY few photos of that for some reason.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

It’s funny, I thought the Tomorrowland station has changed a lot too, but I was just at DL and I was checking out the TL station and its mostly the front that has changed so drastically. The main support steel beams (with the cool space age holes in them) are the same as in photo #1. But here are not that cool blue color anymore :-(

Did anyone notice the odd foot ware with the kid on the left in photo #1? Does he have gym socks with sandals!!! Come to think of it, look at everyones foot ware in that pic, what where they all thinking?

Thanks for all the great photos Dave, and little off topic, but GREAT job on the Main Street painting, you really captured it!

Anonymous said...

Dave, Great photo of the motel. The cars and the yellow-on-black licence plate dates the photo, so I think this might be the (what is now a Super 8) on Katella. If I'm correct, it was just behind the Disneyland parking lot, and close to that back exit that was later closed. This would make it across the street from the location of the now Anahiem Convention Center. It looks really familiar, and I would have driven by it many times. (However; old koots like me have failing memories) Love them Yukka plants!