Sunday, October 28, 2007

1960’s Batch: Pt. 4

View #1 shows the Devil’s Paint Pots as seen from the Nature’s Wonderland Mine Train. Shot #2 is most likely from the Mark Twain, but could also be a Nature’s Wonderland shot,too...experts?

As a follow-up to Gorilla's post about the Disney World Submarine ride (no longer there), here are 2 views from January 1972 showing the Orlando version of the Nautilus in action:

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Anonymous said...

Dave: Great shots. I'm almost positive that's taken from the mine train, just when it goes over the tressel. I remember that spot where the bears are playing and catching fish. I loved that little train, and all the other rides that were so relaxing. They were a great break from the outside world.

Really like the 20K subs. This should have been the conversion in D-Land.

Major Pepperidge said...

Yes, shot #2 is from the Mine Train. Both 20K shots are great, the first one almost looks like a photo of a model (if you've ever seen those "tilt shift" exeriments, it looks like that).