Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Disneyland Main Street Commissioned Painting 16

Just a little bit of progress on a Monday night. To see more of my art, visit my regular website.

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1 comment:

Amazon Belle said...

Amazing! From the moment I started dialog with Dave I knew he was going to produce something wonderful. Our choice was between the Chemical Wagon and the Fire Truck. But it was Dave who said the Chemical Wagon would be great but I thought look at all that detail work... but Dave has risen to and beyond the challenge. Take a look at the wagon, the buildings and even the blurring of the horse’s leg that is in motion on the right. It has been a true delight to watch this piece all through its development phases. All of the family keeps track of it. Almost there Dave! You Can Do It!

This piece was commissioned for my father's 70th birthday. He is a retired L.A. County Fire Fighter who always took his family to "Fireman's Night at Disneyland" in the fall of the 70's and early 80's. Those special events were great times for our family and piece captures the spirit of those great times.