Thursday, June 22, 2006

Stagecoach at Disneyland, December, 1955

This is an early morning shot from December 26, 1955 of the shortlived Stagecoach. According to Disneyland Tour Guides, this ride got the axe due to unreliable and skittish horses who freaked out over the snakes. Apparently, even bribery with carrots didn’t work to get the horses to cooperate. Experts: feel free to confirm or deny this one!

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Matterhorn1959 said...

The stories are all very similar, horses rearing up when hearing the Mark Twain Whistles, being frightened by the early animal figures that moved, or by snakes and such. There is a fairly famous image of one of the Stage Coaches sitting in the middle of the ride with the horses gone and the tongue and bridle for the horses missing. I have also heard the ride was not that enjoyable, cramped and very bouncy. One of the most compelling reasons is how long it took to load the Stage Coach as seen in the shot with the kids having to climb to the top seats leading to low ride capacity. Just thought I would point out that the driver is wearing one of the rare original Disneyland nametags made out of brass and just a number rather than the employees name.