Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New Orleans Square, 1960’s

A batch of slides I recently purchased on ebay of Disneyland listed their date as 1960; viewing these two shots of New Orleans Square probably puts them closer to the late 1960’s, since New Orleans Square didn’t open until 1966. The listing also left out the fact that these slides were riddled with mold. Still, they are great shots and with some careful Photoshop work, will look even better. MORAL OF THE STORY: ASK QUESTIONS, and unless the date is STAMPED (not written) on the slide, don’t take a listing for face value.

New Orleans Square is one of my favorite areas of the park; the music, the facsimile architecture of New Orleans, and 2 of my favorite attractions, Pirates and Haunted Mansion. As if that weren’t enough, the Blue Bayou (whose sign you can barely make out in the lower left-hand corner).

See more vintage & current Disneyland New Orleans Square photos on my New Orleans Square web page.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Arrrr, I hate it when ebay sellers misrepresent their stuff! Years ago I bought a lot of "80 slides from Disneyland" from the 1950's. Well, they were from the 1950's, but only about 30 of them were Disneyland. The seller was extremely nasty, and accused me of lying. Fortunately that is the exception rather than the rule. These are still lovely images of New Orleans Square, though I understand your disappointment.