Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Temple Tuesday: Shirley in the Kitchen

In the November 1939 issue of the Swedish magazine Vecko-Revyn (which translates to “Weekly-Revue”), there was a one-page article on Shirley titled “Little Princess In The Kitchen.” The name of the story was timely as Shirley’s movie, “The Little Princess” had recently been showing in theaters; the photos for the story were not so timely, as they were shot two years before in 1937.

Here are the photos from the story along with the translated copy:

First, Shirley takes a look at the cookbook - so often does the most skilled cook, they say.

Wow, should it be this smeary? Maybe I read it wrong, Shirley thinks.

If you take a little more flour, it will soon be better…

You can get too much of that, too!!!

Rolling out the dough is just about the most fun of all.

And punching out the biscuits with a round cutter is not so bad either…look! Here they are and not a single one was burned!

A child who knows everything is usually a horror to their peers and is called a little old and stuffy by the older ones. Little Shirley Temple is in any case a delightful example of the opposite, even though she knows most things already at the age of 10: she sings like a happy lark, she dances and steps better than most, she acts in front of the film camera so naturally, that one could say a lot of Hollywood's adult stars would benefit from taking some private lessons from her. And besides all this, she's so cute! What more can you ask of a lady at that age? And now there are new pictures, which show that the little artist can bake too! But for all Swedish children who get inferiority complexes from seeing this, her latest triumph, and become jealous. Whisper this in their ear: we do not think Shirley baked all this alone - her mother was certainly  there and helped when the photographer was not looking.

A few pages later, the magazine reported on Shirley’s recent trip to Hawaii. Once again, they used a photo that was from many years before to illustrate.

While the Swedish audience enjoys Shirley Temple as "Little Princess,” so she herself has had a vacation and gone with mom and dad to Honolulu.

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