Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Tea Party with Jayne

Another image from the May 1957 Jayne Mansfield visit to Disneyland; this time she and daughter Jayne Marie are about to take a ride on the Mad Tea Party attraction.

This May 1958 shot shows an unsteady little guest as he finishes his spin; note the Boy Scout at left.

From July 10, 1957 comes this image shot from the Skyway:

Check out the two cast members yucking it up on the sidelines:

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Anonymous said...

Loved the Tea Cups as a kid. I and my cousins couldn't get the cup to go turn fast enough it seems...tho I recall their pigtails flying straight out behind them. Then on one all changed as afterward, I found myself prone on a park bench with my Mom, recovering from vertigo (ugh). I didn't think of it at the time but that was probably the first indication that I was growing out of childhood. Even if I did not turn the cup today...just the motion of the platters themselves would trigger the same response. Happily...I'm good for one round on a roller coaster...but with only 1 or no loop. KS