Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Wild West Wednesday

Today’s image hails from 1957, where you can see a little tot wearing his Disneyland Keppy Kap, surrounded by Frontierland law enforcement. The boy is also holding some kind of card in his hands; wonder if it was a souvenir that he received from the Sheriff? Digging the Sheriff’s vintage watch and ring, even if they don't really go with his costume!

I have separate pics of both of these gentlemen, and always referred to them as Sheriff Lucky, however…now that I look at their badges, they are definitely different. Maybe one is a deputy. Anyone out there able to shed light on the different badges or characters they played?

I know the one on the right was definitely Sheriff Lucky, as that’s how this Encyclopaedia Britannica labeled him:

Wanna’s see his signature? Here it is on a Wanted Poster in Rainbow Ridge:

Perhaps yet another Deputy on the left? On the right is Black Bart.

In this March 1956 shot, a guest caught him taking a break with a pretty little lass on New Orleans Street:

Finally, here’s another previously posted image of who I am “assuming” the Frontierland Deputy:

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Bill Cotter said...

Is there a way to add photos to a comment? I have a shot of Black Bart at the end of Main Street at the Hub - gun out and way away from Frontierland!

Daveland said...

Hi Bill - I don't believe so, but you can always email me at