Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Temple Tuesday: Shirley and Abby

In 1944, Shirley made a comeback with her supporting role in “Since You Went Away,” produced by David O. Selznick. Know what the “O” stood for? Absolutely nothing; one story says Selznick used it to distinguish himself from his Uncle (same name), and another said he just liked the sound of it. The truth? Probably a combo of both. But enough about him…

Today’s photo shows Shirley at home knitting with Abby Wilder, who was the real-life inspiration for the character she played in Selznick’s movie, Brig Hilton. Brig…short for Bridget. I wonder if her Aunt’s name was Bridget? Here’s the caption that accompanied the publicity still:

Shirley Temple is shown demonstrating her knitting to Abby Wilder, the girl whose role Shirley is to portray in the filming of the novel, “Since You Went Away.” In the novel, Mrs. Margaret Buell Wilder, Abbey’s mother, in her letters to her soldier husband tells of the home-front struggle of herself and her two teen-aged daughters.

Here’s a shot of Shirley from the film with Claudette Colbert, who portrayed her mother:

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