Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Still Sending In The Clowns

My very first post was on June 4, 2006 and it was titled “Send in the Clowns,” featuring a shot of one of the clowns from the short-lived (November 25, 1955—September 7, 1956) Mickey Mouse Club Circus at Disneyland. Today, I post a recently acquired shot of a different clown (but same circus!) standing in Central Plaza. Not sure what the guy on all fours on the ground is doing. Maybe he has an aversion to clowns. Yesterday, I saw a clown of a different kind; a guy wearing his COVID-19 mask while smoking a cigarette. Gotta’ love the irony; protect yourself from the air, but make sure you don't miss that nicotine!

Here’s the image I posted on the fateful day almost fourteen years ago:

See more vintage Disneyland Mickey Mouse Club Circus photos at my main website.

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Fifthrider said...

How is he NOT in the storm drain offering Georgie a balloon? Two clowns and a guy smoking through his mask., three clowns.

Matthew said...

@Fithrider... well said!!! Thanks Dave for all you do to keep our spirits up!

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Kyle said...

Hey Dave! Congratulations on nearing 14 years of blog posts. I know I've certainly enjoyed following your blog all these years and really do appreciate all the hard work & effort that you put into it. It's obviously been a labor of love for you. Thank you very much for sharing with us. Hope you're feeling well during this strange time in our world. Take care!

Kyle in Denver.

Daveland said...

Thanks for the comments all - doing well in San Diego, outside enjoying the sunshine...and avoiding clowns!

Max said...

isn't it

"Lou and Sue" said...

Dave, that 2nd clown (in white and green) is so darn creepy-looking (I think because of his eye makeup). I love that picture because it's so different from what I would expect to see on Disneyland's Main Street. Thanks for posting these pictures!


Daveland said...

Max - Are we a pair? (your turn…)

Sue - What clown ISN’T creepy? ;)