Saturday, April 18, 2020

Shadow of a Doubt Saturday

When most people hear Alfred Hitchcock they think of “Psycho,” “The Birds,” and “Vertigo.” Don't be so quick to ignore his older films, like the psychological thriller “Shadow of a Doubt” (1943). As it is in most Hitchcock movies, things are not quite as sedate and serene as they appear in little old Santa Rosa, California! Joseph Cotten plays against type as a lovable but thoroughly immoral heel who is idolized by his naive niece and namesake, Charlie Newton, played by Teresa Wright.

On my one trip to Santa Rosa, I did not make it to the location that Hitchcock used for the exterior of the Newton family home. Today’s post shows a recent shot of the house taken by a regular Daveland reader on their recent trip to Santa Rosa:

Not hard to recognize when compared to this screenshot of the actual movie:

The master of suspense can be seen at left in this location photo outside of the home:

Always one to prefer a controlled environment, Hitch had much of the exterior and all the interiors built on a soundstage, as seen in this shot from LIFE Magazine:

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"Lou and Sue" said...

Love this movie! I think we'll pull out the old DVD and watch it, again, tonight.

Great post, Dave - thank you!


Irene said...

I also saw this movie and loved it! Another great one is "Strangers On A Train" which is showing now and then on an over the air channel here in Los Angeles. I DVR'd it even though I've seen it a couple of times. Alfred Hitchcock was a master of his craft!

Daveland said...

Irene - I love that movie, too! Robert Walker is so twisted!

Anonymous said...

This is a creepy movie, but a beautiful house. Santa Rosa is a neat city. I remember your earlier post had a lot of other buildings seen in the film that are still existing.

Thanks to your anonymous benefactor for that picture.

Cheers Dave.