Friday, June 09, 2017

Vintage Disneyland: The Harry Pollack Collection Pt. 3

Just one image today from Harry Pollack's collection and it features a (gasp!) typo on the Main Street Cinema marquee. Mabel Normand is the recipient of the error. Wouldn't you like to see the photos that the lady on the right is shooting?

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Chuck said...

Actually, there are two misspellings on the sign. Charlie Chaplin's name has been totally garbled.

I didn't realize that the Tobacco Shop occupied two storefronts back in its heyday. I didn't pay attention as a kid. In fact, I was so oblivious that I didn't even realize there had been a Tobacco Shop until I read Van France's Window on Main Street back in '95.

Would love to see her photo of the cigar store Indian (as well as the rest of the roll). I hope she splurged and was shoot on Kodachrome.

Chuck said...

Make that "shooting on Kodachrome."