Monday, June 26, 2017

The Anchorettes

Awhile back I was contacted by Jonathan Bullman, whose wife's great aunt was found in these photos from September 1957. She was with the women's softball team called The Anchorette's from Indianapolis and they were staying at the Disneyland Hotel for a national softball tournament.

They won the regional tournament and went on to the National tournament in California. The 1957 National Women's Softball Tournament was held in Buena Park and Anaheim that September. The Anchorettes would eventually go on to lose the tournament but she still talks about her softball days even 60 years later. She's the tall short-haired redhead in glasses (seen in the detailed view above, front row, second from left).

Another shot from the batch showing the Anchorettes' luggage outside the hotel.

Note the "DH" on the door, which of course stands for Disneyland Hotel.

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Anonymous said...

A bit of mid-century Americana here. Wonder what the construction was in the background...probably more hotel rooms. Nice shots of a bygone and simpler era. KS

Anonymous said...

I remember this original post, it must be pretty cool to find someone you know in a blog post picture.

@KS, after some discussion in the original thread, it was resolved that the construction next door was another little motel on the parcel next to the DH. I can't recall the name, but pretty sure it was posted in the original thread comments.

The motel was eventually torn down some in the '80's to make way for construction of the hotel tower that is now the Disney Paradise Pier hotel.