Monday, June 12, 2017

Shooting at The Salton Sea

I finally made my way to the Salton Sea, which is about an hour from Palm Springs. For years I'd heard about the terrible fish smell and the abandoned structures and vehicles that populate the area. I'd also been told that it was an amazing place for a photo shoot, so when my friend Joshua Zitting contacted me about doing another shoot together, all the forces of the Universe seemed to be in alignment. Good thing we didn't need any gas; the station looked like it hadn't pumped a drop in years.

You can see what the temperatures can do to a guy out here.

This graffiti-filled structure was probably once somebody's mid-century dream home.

The Salton Sea's idea of a Hidden Mickey:

Joshua surveys the area while avoiding shards of broken glass:

A panoramic view of the shore:

One of the many dead fish strewn throughout the area; they couldn't handle the increasing salinity of the water.

The hood of Joshua's Shelby Cobra was damn hot; he didn't keep his hands on it for long.

This rotting boat was reminiscent of Noah's ark:

The Metro Station to nowhere:

Having run out of water, Joshua resorts to tequila; suit by Zara Men's Clothing.

This discarded Unicorn was the only beacon of hope for miles:

A few other curiosity seekers were in and out while we were shooting; the cutest one was this pampered pooch:

Showing off his new Nike workout apparel:

If you need a little inspiration, the Salton Sea is full of happy quotes:

Hard to believe this area was once marketed as a high-end resort.

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