Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Lost My Top Mystery

At first glance, this angled August 1956 image of Rainbow Ridge at Disneyland isn't really all that remarkable, until you see what appears to be the top of a car/cab/carriage leaned against the wall of what was soon to be Casa de Fritos. At first, I thought maybe the top of the Carnation Truck got lost in Frontierland, but the shape doesn't match.

Anyone out there know?

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Matthew said...

Good Lord! I have no idea what that is other than to say... it appears to more the top of a car or electric cart. the fact that it is "On-Stage" is probably most disconcerting.

What intrigues me is what appears to be a cut out or notch above the driver side. The driver's side window appears to be a different shape than the passenger side. What is it!! Readers of Daveland demand an answer.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Anonymous said...

I too am very fascinated with what anyone can come up with here. It's so incredibly out of place. Great find Dave! KS

Anonymous said...

That is the oddest thing. I hope someone can come up with an answer.


Anonymous said...

It appears to be a hard top for a jeep or some type of other utility vehicle. here is a link to something that looks similar. http://fenton-ny.nydailyads.com/13833/cars/1947-willys-jeep-cj2a-with-original-hardtop_21034705.html

Anonymous said...

Looks to be covering some construction work. Need more pictures of what the area looked like to see what was added or removed.

MRaymond said...

With as small as it is, I wonder if it's a top for a Cushman three wheeled cart.

Anonymous said...

Amazon Belle - I think what you're seeing is a window of the same shape, but with something partially blocking it.

The thing that's blocking the window (protruding above and to the right) appears to be another unidentified item. It looks as if it might be a fender.

Were there any auto shows or parades that month?