Monday, September 19, 2011

Halloween Trip Report, Pt. 1

Disneyland...three weekends in a row. The things I do to stay current on my blog! Halloween was in full force at the park; I didn't necessarily notice any new decorations around Main Street, but regardless, it sure looked beautiful to see all of the autumn colors draped around Disneyland.

Once again, we did the Character Breakfast at the Plaza Inn, allowing us to enter half an hour before the park officially opened. Minnie was in her usual polka-dot garb; no fall colors for her!

Thanks to an early breakfast, our group was able to practically walk onto Star Tours...two times in a row! Always good to see C3PO and the gang:

I really love the "rebel spy" part of Star Tours with the random selection of a guest from each vehicle. It was especially fun on one of our journeys since Mick, my friend Kathy's son, was the spy. He lived in shame for the rest of the day!

Across the way at Buzz Lightyear, I was able to achieve one of my highest scores, despite my friend Matt's attempt to keep the vehicle in motion with the joystick. Don't mess with my Astroblaster!

Because of a photo request, we jumped over to Frontierland and Big Thunder Mountain. Don't ask me why, but someone wanted a shot of the bats in the first cave.

I have always loved the Dia de los Muertos display in Frontierland. Everything seemed about the same from previous years, except...

if you zoom in on this display...

you'll see this photo which I'd never noticed before. Anyone know the significance?

Still enjoying the short lines during the early park hours, we also were able to ride Indiana Jones. Of course, we chose wisely.

Jack Skellington & Company have taken over the Mansion again; if there were any changes to the overlay this year, I missed them.

One thing I did notice that might be different was this little sign on top of the coffin in the corridor:

Zooming in for a better look:

Seems like we just ate breakfast at the Plaza Inn, but before we knew it, it was time for a lip-smacking lunch at The Celebration BBQ. It sure is a tasty meal (love the beans!) with great entertainment. We sure had a good time, as you can see by this photo (and we hadn't even eaten yet!).

One thing I noticed (always checking out the details) was that this laminated sheet music for "You've Got A Friend in Me"...

Is actually for "Down By The Old Mill Stream":

With bellies full, we posed for one last photo as we left Big Thunder Ranch:

You'll have to return tomorrow to see about the rest of our day.

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Major Pepperidge said...

I hope to see some of those details for myself in the next few weeks!

Connie Moreno said...

COOL!!!! I must do that early breakfast some day. Loved your shots, as always.
I'm going on the 30th!