Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Disneyland, October 1972, Pt. 2

Today's portion of this program takes us on a journey through Frontierland, circa October 1972. Polyester-clad guests gawk at the Mark Twain Riverboat (they didn't know that something that big could be made of anything other than synthetic materials). It must have been a busy day as both the Twain and the Columbia appear to be working at the same time.

The Burning Cabin is also working quite well, and the dead settler is...well, dead.

Must not look...must not look...

Meanwhile, on the other side of the bank, the Indian Chief is waving to the old drunk, bidding him adieu.

For you Disneyland newbies, this isn't the Matterhorn; it's Cascade Peak! Yes...Disneyland once had another majestic mountain peak with a thunderous waterfall.

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Connie Moreno said...

I say Bring Back The Dead Guy!!

Chiana_Chat said...

Replied in your next post but just wanted to add these are also sweet, Dave! Love the Cascade Peak shot, it's dynamic. :)