Saturday, September 10, 2011

Screen Gem Saturdays: Sixteen Candles

Once again, it's back to the 80s with one of my favorite John Hughes movies, "Sixteen Candles." Despite some of the politically incorrect humor (who could forget Long Duck Dong?), this 1984 movie still stands out as the perfect antidote to High School Geekdom. Ever felt like you didn't fit in during your teen years? Did girls/boys ignore you like the plague? Get your revenge by hitching your wagon to Anthony Michael Hall in this movie as he turns the tables on what you'd usually expect to be the outcome of an awkward teen.

Watch as Molly Ringwald lands the class stud and geek supreme Anthony Michael Hall scores with the hottest chick this side of...well, whatever side you can come up with.

Michael Schoeffling played Jake, Sammy's (Molly Ringwald) obsession...the one that culminates in the sweet ending of Sammy finally celebrating her birthday and getting to blow out the candles.

Oh how I wish I had some photos of the grandparents from this movie. For me, every scene with them is gold; especially the one with the two grandmothers in the kitchen with the increasingly long cigarette ash dangling menacingly close over the skillet.

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Robby Cress said...

This movie is classic! I love Long Duck Dong. Ha ha. When I saw him later in the film Gung Ho, all I could think of was him in Sixteen Candles. I miss John Hughes.

Connie Moreno said...

I've only seen bits and pieces of this movie. I'll have to add it to my Netflix.

TokyoMagic! said...

Can you believe I just barely saw this movie about a year ago? I still need to see Pretty In Pink though!

It was great seeing you last night at Dapper Day at DL, Dave!

SparkleFarkle said...

Love Sixteen Candles! One of my favourite laugh-out-loud movie moments is when Samantha's sister Ginny is spitting out her veil!

Matt said...

Classic scene:

Grandma Helen: Fred, she's gotten her boobies.
Grandpa Fred: I better get my magnifying glass.
Grandma Helen: Oh, and they are so PERKY.

Designs By CK ★ said...

Great movie selection! ~ AND...

one word Jake! '-)


Major Pepperidge said...

This might be my favorite John Hughes movie!