Friday, September 30, 2011

May 1964 Color Images

These colorful images are from May 1964. Pinocchio and Pluto are on hand at the entrance to greet this young lad who appears to be a little cautious about the two costumed characters. Get a load of all those gorgeous attraction posters on the wall! If only...

Over in Fantasyland, Skull Rock is spitting out the water, providing shelter for those who want to eat their Chicken of the Sea Tuna Boats al fresco.

If you've had enough of Fantasyland, you can take the Skyway over to Tomorrowland. This is one of those golden shots that shows all of the movement that made Tomorrowland so vibrant back in the 1960's. Subs, Monorail, and The Skyway. In just a few years, The PeopleMover would join the mix.

Let's zoom in a little closer:

Back in Frontierland, a guest is attempting to capture a photo of the Nature's Wonderland Mine Train. To his right is Mineral Hall. If only I could find an interior view of that shop.

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Thufer said...

What a happy set of pictures.

Yes.....(If only) indeed in the opener with the added bonus of just a smidgen of parking lot love.

Skull Rock getting ready for its big holiday. (I always thought there could have been some cool tie in with hallo-weenie.)

Monorail Blue is a beauty today. With her bubble top and just gliding above the crowds. Plus we get a capture of the Yacht Club.

Time for a quick bite before that visit to Mineral Hall.

Life is good in the 'happiest place on earth' then and this morning.

Chiana_Chat said...

Wow. Great pics Dave! My eyes are still dazed from that last pic. The benches match the Mine Train and wow, there is such color and character all over the place. The plantings are great too - both a variety of color and plants with subtle muted colors for contrast. Would love to geek out in Mineral Hall, ride the Mine Train, eat on those benches or be that photographer in the pic or - anything, just be there.

The white w/blue insert fences going to the Sub Voyage are neat, it's lookin' great there too! Gotta ride that monorail...

Skull rock's assorted falls really turned out that water. Miss Sea had nice... arms.

Pinoc and Pluto already looked super in '64.

A prime time to visit, that day. Can feel it right through these pics. :)

Was this a fine sunny day there or what?

A Snow White Sanctum said...

Stunning color for sure. Looks as though a few of these could even have been used for postcards. It's a beautiful day at Skull Rock.

Major Pepperidge said...

The beautiful blue Monorail shot is as good as it gets!

JG said...

Oh these are wonderful! Thank you Dave!

I wandered through the new Rancho Zocalo (?) that used to be the Casa De Fritos, and there is a storefront in the interior courtyard that is signed "MINERAL HALL" with a plaster facade like I remembered. We were hurrying by so I never got to look inside, I think was closed or a dummy.

Could this have been part of the old Mineral Hall of which we all have such memories? Or did they reconstruct a little bit as part of the theming of the enlarged eating place?


outsidetheberm said...

If Dave will graciously allow me stepping on his toes... That is, indeed, the original Mineral Hall store front JG. We've got a few snaps of the facade propped up and preserved during the reconstruction.

Great shots, Dave.

TokyoMagic! said...

I miss this stuff! The DL of today is NOT as cool as the DL in these pics. Oh and I love the slurry coated pavement in that last pic. Weird, huh?

Connie Moreno said...

Thank you so much for these! In May of 1964, depending on what day these were taken, I was 9 years old - almost 10!!! Looking at that blue Monorail made me smile so much my face hurt! It was my favorite. I can still hear the metallic click-clank of the locking mechanism on the doors! I wonder if I ever went into Mineral Hall???? And my beloved Skull Rock..oh, how I loved that place. It seems so mystical to me!

JG said...

@OTB, thank you! Somehow, that knowledge about the Mineral Hall makes me happy, even though I miss it.


William Bezek said...

Ugh! I always hate when they put a girl in the Pinocchio suit...the legs are always a dead give away.