Saturday, April 12, 2008

Disneyland 1956, Fantasyland Pt. 2

Yesterday, Daveland dropped you off at some cool & colorful benches in Fantasyland, approximately 1956. Today, we are right back at the same benches. The Major over at Gorillas mentioned the Skyway storybook display, so I am zooming in on yesterday’s parting photo for him. And for those of you with a bench fetish (I know you’re out there) here’s another shot just for you:

The water of the Chicken of the Sea lagoon looks refreshing (at least for us So Cal folk who are about to experience a heat wave today!), and this view provides a nice shot of the Casey Jr ticket booth, as well as the Fantasyland Skyway Station. I’ve also included an even better closeup of the Skyway advertisement/storybook outside of the Fantasyland Skyway Station:

Back to the heart of Fantasyland, we can see the grapes from the Welch’s Grape Juice Bar on the left and the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship Restaurant up ahead (with our favorite Hat-fetish Gal standing by the teacups...heaven forbid if she find the Mad Hatter shop).

YOU ARE THERE in this vivid shot from the deck of the COTS:

and this rare rear view (maybe Grandpa is trying to get away from Hat Gal with a sneaky exit!)

That’s plenty of Fantasyland for today; come back tomorrow for some Storybook action.

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Chris Merritt said...

These are great! Some really unusual views...

Major Pepperidge said...

These colors aren't saturated enough for me ;-) !!

Awesome group of photos, thank you for the zooms of the Skyway sign. Here you have several views of it, I think I have one washed out blurry picture of it!