Sunday, April 27, 2008

ANOTHER 1956 Series, Pt. 4

We have stayed too long in 1956, so today we will wrap things up for this set. This blurry Fantasyland shot sure captures what it feels like to be on the teacups...urp. Mickey Mouse Club Theater and Welch's Grape Juice Bar in background. #2 shows Dumbo from the Skyway, and a very barren berm.

Chicken of the Sea before the Skull Rock makeover:

Only one Tomorrowland shot in this bunch; this one features the Moonliner. Back then space travel was a big deal, and the Moonliner must have been a might symbol to those who visited this land.

Here are 2 Knotts shots from the same batch to finish out today’s post:

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Progressland said...

Dave - I don't think that's the berm; I think it's Frontierland (and boy is that dirt piled high!). Based on the rope in the foreground, I think it also might have been taken from the Pirate Ship rather than the Skyway. Also note the oranges in the lower right hand corner of that shot--they were using Agrifuture all along!

Major Pepperidge said...

Well, it is A berm, but not THE berm!

I don't agree that we've stayed too long in 1956, this was an awesome series... every photo a gem.

Davelandweb said...

Major - Thanks, but when you have Mr. Nomenclature around, you gotta' watch your P's & Q's! I think I'll go get a hambuger now...