Saturday, April 19, 2008

Blurred Gems, Pre-1965: Fantasyland

These undated transparencies are pre-1965; how do I know that? One of the easiest ways to try to determine a vintage Disneyland slide’s age is by the Skyway; if it’s a round bucket, you know that the slide is somewhere between 1956 & 1965...these are the little things you learn along the way to becoming a Disneyland geek. The fact that these people are sitting behind the ship in the landscaped Skull Rock Cove area knocks it down to the 1960–1965 range. At some point, I will probably get even geekier and be able to narrow it down further, but for know, my geekdom leaves us with a five-year span. Damn, that was long-winded. Back to our blurry collection...this couple is enjoying their lunch behind the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship Restaurant under the shade of striped awnings. In the rear, we can see the spire of Cinderella’s Castle at Storybook Land. Image #2 shows the rear of the COTS ship and the bridge that takes you to the dining area, with Skull Rock’s profile on the far left.

Image #3 is one of those that just misses; before digital cameras, there was no way of knowing how your shot was going to turn out, and in this case, something got in the way of the lens. Still, it’s a cool shot of a bird in its cage in the dining area. I wonder if the bird talked? That could have made for some interesting salty pirate-speak for the kiddies!

If it weren’t for the color of his hair, I’d say this was Ralphie from “A Christmas Story”; poor kid is stuck with a dwarf, when all he really wants is a Red Ryder BB Gun. Uh-oh out for that stroller coming up behind you!

Last two for today are from Storyboook Land, featuring Pinocchio’s Village & Cinderella’s Castle:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these COTS shots! I love the these! Seeing what people ate, and the parrot in a cage is awesome! You have another pic with a bird in a cage (the Oct 66 with Captain Hook..) and that cage is square, this one is round, for some reason I am fascinated by that. The cool little details of a day at DL. Barbara in Orange