Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Devlin Collection: Mine Train Ride

After a rootin' tootin' celebration at the Golden Horseshoe, we’re going to stay in Frontierland for a few days more. Today’s visit is from June 1969; join the Devlin family as they take a journey about the Nature’s Wonderland Mine Train Ride! This group of photos was from 2-3 different cameras, and I have tried to piece them together in the order that the journey would have occurred. Rainbow Ridge is the quaint little mining town where you would board the train. Up on the hill, you can see the Pack Mules sauntering through the tree-lined paths.

As we round the corner, it appears that there’s a tunnel up ahead! I love these tunnel transitions; the first time you ride an attraction with a tunnel, whether it be the Disneyland Railroad, Splash Mountain, etc., there is always a sense of wonderment about what you will find on the other end.

And sorry folks, this is where I leave you hanging...you’ll have to come back tomorrow to see what the Devlins find on the other end of the tunnel.

For all you April Fools fans, be sure to check out the Major’s excellent photoshop skills on his blog today. It’s a hoot! To see more Nature’s Wonderland photos, visit my website.


Major Pepperidge said...

Oh man, these are great and we haven't even left Rainbow Ridge yet! I love that sign for the opera house in photo #4, presumably it lit up?

Also, was the Devlin family made up of extreme DL fans? Or were there some cast members in the bunch?

Daveland said...

Major: at the time these photos were taken, I do not believe any of the family were cast members, although later on one of the brothers did work for the park. I will check & confirm -

Unknown said...

Love the shots of the extinct attractions!