Thursday, April 24, 2008

ANOTHER 1956 Series

Families everywhere are scouring their attics & basements for 1956 slides, and YOU are the lucky winners as I present to you another colorful series from the park’s 2nd year of operation. First view is a proud young lad showing off his Disneyland pennant, with the E.P. Ripley & Retlaw 1 slowly pulling out of the station towards Frontierland. View #2 features the Disneyland newstand at the entrance (no package hold available yet, folks!) with the Ripley back at the station for another Grand Circle Tour. I have included a closeup of the newstand for you souvenir geeks! Mom & daughter appear to be wearing matching dresses.

Let’s take one of those new-fangled horseless carriages down Main Street; what’s this? Does the castmember talking to the driver actually have a cigarette dangling from his mouth? Sorry Sir, you will have to go under the Monorail pylons by the Submarine Voyage with the rest of the reprobates. Oops...that area isn’t there yet...what’s a smoker to do?!?

Hey all you "Saludos Amigos/Three Caballeros" fans; click here for a contest to win a FREE copy of the upcoming Disney DVD! And that is all for today; come back tomorrow for more 1956 goodies. To see more vintage & current Disneyland photos, visit my website.

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Progressland said...

Love the first shot with the unobstructed Berm! (And the chain link fence and barbed wire.)

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

WOW Dave, another super 1956 set! Odd photo at the end with that CM, the cigarette dandle and the lab coat does seem out of place! I remember when people smoked everywhere at Disneyland, most people (in the 1970's) just stomped them out on the ground, yuck… I don’t know about the current policy either, you need a gas mask to get to the Tomorrowland station!

Are those Life and Look magazine for sale at the News Stand? I guess it really was a News Stand!

Thanks for these Dave!

Major Pepperidge said...

Yes, great stuff, especially that amazing 4th picture. Great color, unusual view, and the you can really see the people. I assume that the guy with the cigarette is wearing an old fashioned "duster"?

CoxPilot said...

I think the guy in the lab coat worked in UpJohn. He looks a little familiar. Smoking was a norm back then, and I hated it even in those days. I was one of the few that didn't light up (never did). The Park was one of the first to recognize that smokers were costing them a lot in sweeper salaries. I remember a memo going around about it in the 60's. Ground breaking for it's day.

Stub Winged Bilge Rat said...

I'm curious about the pennant in the first picture. I have seen the same pennant many times with the white ties coming off the back edge, but is pennant actually different with no ties and wrapped onto a stick?

CoxPilot said...

Early on, most of he pennants had sticks. But after a while, it was noticed that people were getting "whacked" by kids flipping and waving the pennants. Disney decided to eliminate the stick.