Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Devlin Collection: Storybook Land

Besides “New” Tomorrowland & Nature’s Wonderland, the Devlin family also appeared to be enamored with Storybook Land. Here are a number of shots from June 1969; the first shot from the Skyway is from a different batch that could be from the 1950’s. Storybook has always been one of my favorite Fantasyland attractions; the attention to detail on the buildings and landscaping always blows me away. It’s not hard to get lost in the scale...until a duck appears and blows the illusion! This batch shows some buildings that I don’t even think exist anymore. Here’s the home of the Big Bad Wolf, complete with the rotisserie just waiting for one of the 3 Little Pigs! Compare to what exists today; the little boat is now missing, and the current scene just doesn’t seem to have as many details.

This chapel from Alice’s Village seems to have stayed relatively intact over the years; compare the June 1969 Devlin shot with ones from 1993 & 2005:

Thanks to Daveland reader Rob for IDing this building as Alice’s Cottage.

And probably the most iconic structure from this attraction, Cinderella’s Castle:

...and from 2006:

This windmill from the Devlin collection can be seen at the bottom of the previous 2006 shot:

And here is a closeup contemporary view of the windmill; those crops don’t seem any farther along than they were 40 years before!

To see more Storybook Land photos, visit my website.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Not only did you manage to do a post today, but you have 12 photos! I love the "before and after" images... it's not much surprise that the older version was nicer. I love the little rowboat outside Moley's (?), as a kid I'm sure I would have hoped to see the character run out the door and hop into the boat.

walterworld said...

Simply beautiful---Storybook Land 'then-and-now'!

Really appreciate your work Dave.

So great to find find your daily posts (when I get the chance to check in)...I really don't know how you do it!

Glaxona said...

Again, the loss of detail in the current feature really takes away from the overall wonder. With the darker (aka more natural) paint jobs, and the move overgrown landscaping, it was just easier to lose yourself in the fantasy of the place. Somehow,I find Bismol pink and naked lawns less than enthralling. Easier to maintain and more appealing to the eye of a toddler? Maybe so, but that's not a net gain, imho.

Mr. Mouse Monthly said...

Is that the horse corral behind Casey Jr. In the first pic? Great shot of the backstage area.