Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rainbow Ridge Two-Fer Tuesday

Here are 2 from the old western town of Rainbow Ridge, located in a corner of Frontierland. Shot #1 is from July 1967, and shows some of those newfangled settlers up above riding those durn pack mules. Shot #2 is undated (most likely 1950’s) and gives you a birdseye view of RR.

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Major Pepperidge said...

I wonder if the lights came on inside Rainbow Ridge's buildings in the evening? If so, it would be awesome to find a nice photo of that....

Doug McEwan said...

The lights DID come opn at night. And soundtracks played. In particular, I remember hearing the sounds of drilling and shrieking coming from the Dentist's office window.

That second picture is "most likely 1950’s"? I think we can say definitely that it's pre-1959, because there is no trace of the Matterhorn, not even a girder framework, and it would be unmissable in the picture if it were there, so it HAS to be before the Matterhorn was constructed.

Great shot.

Mr. Mouse Monthly said...

Did they move the dentist sounds to West Center Street after MTTNW was demolished, because those drilling noises can be heard from a window there now.

I agree with Doug McEwan on the dating of the Rainbow Ridge overview shot. I'd say 56-58, because the Rainbow Caverns Mine Train was built in 56' and the Matterhorn opened in 59', so we would see it being/already built if it were any later. Great pics!