Saturday, September 23, 2006

Return to Fowler’s Inn

Now that I’ve seen the “rebuilt” version, this Fowler’s Inn thing has me a little fascinated. Here’s an undated slide that has a lot going on: the defunct Keel Boats, the train ( I definitely prefer this encased car instead of the open cars being used today), Fowler’s Inn, and of course, a nice sunset. For those of you burned out on FI, here’s an undated shot of the Storybook Land scenery, with some backstage stuff barely visible in the back.

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William Kelley said...
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William Kelley said...

Wow, love that shot of Fowler's Inn, as you said, so much activity. And the train is still so close. I wonder how much they moved it for the NOS construction? I'd say maybe 100 feet?

Here are some photos I took of Fowler's Inn and the drydock during Splash Mountain construction, May 1987 and then one month later, it was all gone.

Daveland said...

Thanks Mojave - great pics of the Splash Mountain construction!

thepicklebarrel said...

nice ones...


do you have any other pics of that top level part of the cinderella village in SBLand?

i have three actual buildings from that land but can only identify two in photos. the third is somewhere in that top grouping of buildings but i dont have a clear shot.

any help is appreciated!