Monday, August 29, 2022

Trip to Disneyland, May 1964

This collection of images was shot May 1964, the month and year I entered this Universe. In the background are three military men; one is smoking a cigarette, visible in this closeup (along with the little boy falling asleep while he drinks his coke!):

It looks like the family was having lunch at the Red Wagon Inn, now known as the Plaza Inn. A Reuben with mustard?

The adorable little girl is getting her Vitamin D with a nice carton of Carnation milk.

Care to see the pasteurization offices and plants? Of course you do.

Mama takes baby girl for a spin on King Arthur’s Carrousel:

Here’s the original mock-up for the proposed color scheme for this horse from 1955:

How it looked circa 2012:

Back to May 1964, the little boys are ready for a flight to Neverland:

A closeup of the bored operator, the two little devil boys in red, and the control panel. I wonder what the “G” on the hats stood for?

A spin around Fantasyland on the Midget Autopia:

Let’s take a closer look at the vehicle:

The Swiss Family Robinson treehouse wasn’t quite two years old when these images were taken:

The last shot of the bunch is the saddest of all; time to board the Tram to head home. Until next time!

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Nanook said...

A really nice set of images. And yeah - I get the idea of "all white horses" on the carrousel 'speeding-up loading'... but all-white can't hold a candle to the 'full color' versions, and the variations of each horse.

Anonymous said...

That's funny, I had the same question about those G's on the hats. I guess we'll never know. Personally, I'm partial to the all white horses. I know that's weird to say for someone who loves classic Disney more than modern, but on occasion I'll give a nod to one of the changes. That having been said, I can understand the attraction to those that enjoyed the multicolored versions as well. Clearly those are the ones that Walt signed off on.

Anonymous said...

Those old trams were an attraction unto themselves! Still a nice way to end a fun day. KS