Thursday, August 18, 2022

Balboa Park: Back to the Future

This spring, imagine my amazement when I saw a group of DeLoreans parked in the lot near the Balboa Park Automotive museum. What’s a DeLorean you ask? It was a rear-engine two-passenger car manufactured by DMC (DeLorean Motor Company) from 1981-1983. It was known for looking cool but poor performance. The company went belly up. Why would anyone care about this car today? How about this shot from the blockbuster film “Back to the Future”? That might ring a bell for you. Yup…Doc Brown’s time machine used a DeLorean.

NOW maybe you can understand my amazement at seeing five DeLoreans at Balboa Park last March.

A frequent Daveland reader/commenter (who shall remain anonymous) identified the guy in the green shirt as Alexander Wolfgang Tietz:

He’s a local DeLorean owner; I think he’s also a cameraman for some news agency, a field guy that hefts around the big shoulder mounted rigs. I’ve met him at numerous car shows. He embraces “Back to the Future” but will never convert his DeLorean into a time machine. It doesn’t stop him from doing birthday parties dressed as Doc Brown, though.

Hey…a guy’s gotta’ make a buck, right? Based on his Instagram page, it looks like his car was part of a St. Patrick’s Parade in San Diego. Here’s one of the original DeLoreans used in the “Back to the Future” movie when I saw it back in 2004 parked at Universal Studios in Hollywood.

In a previous post, I also showed the Gamble House in Pasadena, which was used for the exteriors of Doc Brown’s house in the movie:

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Fifthrider said...

I recall going on a tour of all BTTF filming locations with Ernie Cline ( Ready Player One ) and another friend of mine who work in the film industry. It's funny how you visit those filming locations and you can hear the score in your head as soon as you approach it.