Monday, June 07, 2021

View from the Hill, 1968

This 1968 image shows your typical early morning smog view of Hollywood taken from what I believe to be the Yamashiro Restaurant. Here’s a vintage postcard with a reverse view:

I went up to this area once, and for whatever reason never took a shot looking down the hill. Perhaps the trees now block the view, or perhaps I was just not thinking. Probably the latter.

Back to the 1968 shot, which provides a typically unseen angle of the Roosevelt hotel. It is extremely difficult to see the entire front façade unless you’re standing on Hollywood Boulevard. My neck just hurts thinking of looking straight up.

The back is much easier to capture:

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Fifthrider said...

I had to look up the Yamashiro Restaurant because like most places, I assumed they were no doubt bulldozed and turned into a Starbucks by now. What a surprise to see they're still thriving! ...I'd better go before they get the Cliffton's treatment and I miss out. :-(

I see their menu even features a John Hammond favorite, Chilean Sea Bass. Great pics, what a treat to see it in it's heyday like that. A rare treat of the back of the Roosevelt as well. I can't look at that sign without thinking of the movie 1941. Belushi did a number on their sign.