Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Temple Tuesday: No Parking at the Bungalow

This adorable shot was taken in 1936. From the publicity caption:

SHIRLEY TEMPLE PROUDLY DISPLAYS HER OWN CAR — before her bungalow on the 20th Century-Fox lot, the famous child actress is enjoying many thrills with her midget speedster, a birthday gift from the Knickerbocker automobile works of New York and Bill Robinson, the famous tap dancer. The car is powered by single cylinder motorcycle engine with a top speed of ten miles an hour. Shirley conquered its mechanism in a single trip around the block.

In this 1940’s shot, it appears that the hood ornament had bit the dust; maybe Shirley figured out how to increase the speed over 10 mph.

When the car came up for auction in 2015, it came with a hood ornament. Looks better with it, don’t you think? Whether Shirley had a replica made or not is unknown.

What IS known is that the car survived in better shape over the years than Shirley’s Fox Bungalow.


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Fifthrider said...

It's so hard to tell a replica from the real thing. I'm going to take an educated guess that the car flipped at some point, the hood ornament broke off and some lucky restoration expert found a NOS replacement of that exact ornament. I can't imagine sculpting/casting one of those today. Lots of time.

Fifthrider said...

Wow, today's (06/09 ) Google doodle is Shirley!