Monday, August 17, 2020

Audie Murphy Goes To Disneyland, Pt. 2

In part 2 of the 1956 Audie Murphy series we begin in Town Square. First stop for the day is getting that all-important Disneyland stroller. Little James Shannon was too young to walk around the Park on his own! I attempted to zoom in to get a better look at the fence that would announce Edison Square and International Street (neither of which would ever come to fruition), but unfortunately, it’s still just a bunch of garbled grain. Sorry!

However, a closeup of the Journal Cover and a Scrooge McDuck illustration (talking about saving money came) out just fine!

Here’s the happy Murphy family heading down Main Street doing just fine with their stroller (note they didn’t need the double-wide variety back in 1956!).

Here are Audie and son Terry inside the Market House:

Let’s play Romper Room: I see mustard, Highland Syrup, and C and H Sugar. Not quite sure what the product on the middle shelf is.

I wonder if you got a prize for guessing how many jelly beans were in the jar?

Good old-fashioned Log Cabin Syrup - the syrup of choice for pancakes and waffles in my house every Sunday breakfast!

Looks like Terry is about ready to give his final tally!

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Fifthrider said...

Wow, Log Cabin syrup in the tin can shaped like a log cabin. I'm pretty sure that middle shelf is SuperBee Honey.

That Scrooge McDuck poster by the Main Street Bank wouldn't go over today. I'm sure the Iger administration ( carries over into Chapek ) would look that over and say "Don't get them ideas, they're here to spend, don't remind them to save."

Chuck said...

I've always wondered - is Log Cabin syrup made from real Lincoln Logs?

Daveland said...

Bryan - You win the smarts award; I couldn't figure out the Honey.

Chuck - I believe this is one for Snopes!