Wednesday, August 05, 2020

1950s Sunset Boulevard

The Mocambo nightclub on Sunset Boulevard opened in 1941. This undated 1950’s view shows the headliners to be the Eddie Oliver and Felix Martinique orchestras. How about that vintage cab and the Mocambo branded planters in front? The famous club closed in 1958 approximately one year after its co-owner, Charlie Morrison, died. And like so many other things in Hollywood, it was torn down. There’s an Equinox fitness club in approximately the same place today.

A bit further down the street and on the other side of the road was Ciro’s, another Hollywood hot spot where the stars went to let their hair down.

Ciro’s opened a year before the Mocambo, and unlike its competitor, the building still stands, repurposed as the Comedy Store. Looks like Rose Marie from “The Dick Van Dyke Show” is the headliner.

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