Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Batman at the Chateau Marmont

As a kid, the 1966 “Batman” TV series was one of my favorites; as an adult, its appeal has only increased as I now appreciate even more the nuanced performances by Adam West and Burt Ward. Amidst the absurdity of the guest stars, the scripts, and the costumes, those two played the characters as if they were grounded in reality. Brilliant! It was a no-brainer during my recent illness that while relegated to the couch I would pull out my “Batman” blu-ray set and indulge in a little nostalgia. While doing so I noticed a few interesting details in the episode that originally aired on January 20, 1965 titled “The Penguin’s a Jinx.” Leslie Parrish has a bit role as a bored movie star, Dawn Robbins, who wishes something exciting would happen in her dull life.

Where is she staying while in Gotham City? Naturally at the Pelican Arms Hotel!

Batman & Robin race to save her from being kidnapped by the Penguin. As they pull up in the Batmobile, you can see a large billboard in the background.

What’s this? Holy Governess, Batman! It’s a poster for “The Sound of Music!”

Much of the 1966 TV series was shot on the 20th Century-Fox backlot. The studio owed a lot to that blockbuster musical; even a few years back when I visited Fox, they were still paying homage to the Julie Andrews movie with this mural on the side of one of their parking lots:

Back to Batman…as the camera shows an exterior shot of the Pelican Arms Hotel and Dawn’s penthouse apartment, viewers see...what’s this? Holy Hollywood, Batman, it’s the Chateau Marmont!

Who knew there was a Gotham City connection to my favorite hotel?

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"Lou and Sue" said...

I LOVE the history behind the Chateau Marmont - I love all things old-Hollywood. I read a book (can't recall the title offhand), several years back, about that hotel and the many stars and their stories while staying there. Very interesting, to say the least!

I loved the old Batman series and, as a 6 year old, I even had a crush on Robin (in spite of the silly tights).

Sorry to hear about your illness, but it's good to hear that you could still have some fun, enjoying the old Batmans!

Fun post, thanks Dave!


Nanook said...

Some wonderful images, here. In the first one, we can see a part of the 'Old Executive Building', on the Fox lot. And what a great bit of sleuthing to 'uncover' the Chateau Marmont-!

It should be noted, a great deal of the series was actually shot at the Desilu Studios (Culver lot - formerly Selznick Studios); in addition to other studios - I believe there're some shots taken at the Warner Bros. lot, too.

Thanks for these fun images.