Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Temple Tuesday: Judy's Husband

Here is Shirley with David Rose, Judy Garland’s first husband. At the time this shot was taken, Judy and David had barely been married a year...with only 2 more left before they divorced.

The radio program Shirley was performing in was “Junior Miss,” a CBS situation comedy sponsored by Procter and Gamble. The series was first heard on Wednesday evenings from March 4, 1942 to August 26, 1942, with Shirley as Judy Graves. Sally Benson, best known for her novel Meet Me in St. Louis, also wrote “Junior Miss.”

Rose was the musical director for the show. The two seemed to be enjoying a light moment here.

A serious moment in the show:

Look at Shirley emote!

If you noticed the bracelet that Shirley is wearing, it sold in the “Love, Shirley Temple, Take Two: From Schoolgirl to Storybook” 2015 auction. Here’s the catalog description and photo:


7 1/2". The bracelet is formed of stylized cut-out letters in brass and gold-plated finish, spelling the name Shirley Temple. Suspended from the clasp is a brass circular plate inscribed "Shirley Temple" on one side, and "227 N. Rockingham Rd., West Los Angeles" on the other. Included is a photograph of Shirley Temple wearing the bracelet which was a favorite of hers while a young lady. Circa 1940.

Realized Price: $10,000
Presale Estimate: 800+

I’m still reeling over the estimate versus the final price. Wowza.

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Major Pepperidge said...

It's hard to believe that at this point Shirley had already been acting for over a decade.