Monday, February 04, 2019

Fremont Street District, Pt. 1

Fremont Street has the distinction of being the first paved street in Las Vegas. Before “The Strip” took over, this was the area where most movies and TV shows filmed when they were using Las Vegas as a location, including “Viva Las Vegas,” “Diamonds Are Forever,” and “Vegas Vacation.”

The neon cowboy in this shot is known as Vegas Vic. Although his home, the Pioneer Club, is no longer a casino, this Las Vegas icon has survived since 1951, although I don’t believe he is turned on anymore. Some of the better known clubs still in existence include Four Queens:

and Binion’s:

As part of a program to renovate this downtown Las Vegas area, the “Fremont Street Experience” was created at the western end of Fremont Street in 1995.

If you like to live life for the thrills, how about the SlotZilla Zip Line?

Eating at White Castle could provide a different type of thrill:

Stay tuned: more Fremont Street on the way!

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Fifthrider said...

Very cool, and love the new banner!

Anonymous said...

Fun stuff. I remember a visit to Fremont Street when I was quite young, in the heyday of neon. Dad drove us down from our hotel on the Strip and we walked up and down the sidewalks in the evening with the lights glowing and buzzing overhead. Each casino had it's own style of sidewalk paving, many in terrazzo with the name and logo of the house in different colors. Very much an immersive experience for a kid.

Vegas Vic was animated and his arm waved up and down. The Gold Nugget was another big flashy front, but I think it is closed now.

We saw the "Experience" some years ago, but wasn't overly impressed. It's still a spectacular light show, but not a patch on the old street. Vic's arm is locked in place since he would reach through the roof otherwise.

Thanks for these pictures, Dave. Good Memories.